Our Difference

At Timothy Porche Homes, we guarantee nothing but the best. Whether it is through unique ideas you bring to the table or custom designs and builds we suggest, we guarantee your home's build will be done up to all codes and we'll go above and beyond all the industry standards. Our materials are only the best and our attention to detail is among the best in the industry. Client satisfaction is our No. 1 concern. With more than 40 years of experience, we specialize in homes priced from $650,000 to as high as your dreams allow. We also have an expertise in luxury renovations, remodels and additions.

Our Promise

At Timothy Porche Homes, we make a commitment to each of our customers to deliver beautiful custom built homes, but more importantly, we promise to do so with integrity, honesty, communication and more. Our customers are not only clients, but they become friends through the process of building your home. We ensure a safe work environment that is dedicated to the best products, top techniques, and expert craftsmen and tradespeople, and we do it all with unmatched integrity. We can't wait to start working on your home or remodel today!

Attention to detail

Intentional is one of the best ways to describe Timothy Porche Homes. Each piece of your home is designed, built and constructed with great intention. From the materials used to the tradesmen involved in your home building process, we are meticulous in the way that we ensure your new home is exactly what you are looking for.

Working on schedule

The process of building a home is truly a blast, but we know that what you're ultimately excited about is moving into your brand new home. At Timothy Porche Homes, we are committed to working on a time schedule and sticking to all our deadlines. We start with a well-organized plan and execute from there, meeting goals every step of the way.

Going above and beyond

With a specialization in luxury homes, we have a 100% commitment to excellence. From everyone working on your home — architects, engineers, interior designers, artisans, craftsman and everyone in between — Timothy Porche Homes is committed to ensuring only the best of the best are working on your home. With more than 40 years of experience, our team includes true experts in the home-building field. We work only with those who share our core values.


From using the best products on the market and people in the business, Timothy Porche Homes prides itself on honesty and transparency with each client. Customer satisfaction is our top concern, and we believe in being up front with our clients about the process of their home builds. With a dedication to true and meticulous craftsmanship, we also ensure we are building your home with integrity.

Strong communication

Communication is key when it comes to projects like building a luxury home or completing a remodel or renovation. From the start of the project all the way through to the end, Timothy Porche Homes communicates with the customer about what their desires are for their new home and how their home build is progressing. Because a home build or remodel is such a personal process, our clients quickly become friends and we look forward to growing those relationships.

One-on-one attention

We know building a home could be a stressful and an expensive process, but at Timothy Porche Homes, we believe in keeping lines of communication between the customer open at all times to ensure that your build is stress-free and you are aware of all costs and upgrades. We want you to know your business is important to us and your finished home is something both you and we can be proud of for years to come.


At Timothy Porche Homes, we want your home to stand out. We guarantee custom builds and unique features throughout your home, and we want you to have exactly what you want. If you have a one-of-a-kind fixture or design in mind, we want to help you bring that to life. You'll be involved in every aspect of the design of your project and together, we'll create a beautiful home and have fun doing it.